RAYE – My 21st Century Blues

It’s been said before, but once again – sometimes, TikTok really gets it right. London-based singer RAYE is just releasing her debut album now, but she’s been a force in the industry since she was signed to a major label as a teenager nearly a decade ago. Lending her songwriting credits to artists like David … Continue reading RAYE – My 21st Century Blues


Lizzo – Special

It truly doesn’t feel like we’ve been waiting nearly 3 and a half years in between Lizzo projects. Ever since breaking through to the mainstream after the public finally discovered her catalogue of charming, meme-able and empowering pop-rap chaos, she’s been a nearly omnipresent cultural force. Breaking through to acting, appearing on scores of reality … Continue reading Lizzo – Special

James Blake – Friends That Break Your Heart

One of the music industry’s most sought-after collaborators, both James Blake’s touching and heartfelt folksy ballads and his tendency for experimentation and daringly jumping across genre lines to blend his malleable style with some of today’s biggest innovators have been drawing in more and more fans as his career progresses. Now on his fifth studio … Continue reading James Blake – Friends That Break Your Heart

Demi Lovato – Dancing With The Devil…The Art Of Starting Over

The stereotype of child stars going on to have rough lives has always been prevalent in pop culture, and while it may unfortunately be true for the most part, it’s quite possible that nobody has had it worse than Demi Lovato. Accompanying a new highly intimate documentary about her struggles, Lovato’s 7th studio album is … Continue reading Demi Lovato – Dancing With The Devil…The Art Of Starting Over