Pop Smoke – Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon

After making enormous waves in bringing the unique sounds of New York drill to the mainstream and tragically passing away at age 20 only a few short days after dropping his breakout mixtape, Pop Smoke’s posthumous debut studio album – what a strange phrase – has arrived. Executive produced by legendary rapper 50 Cent, whose … Continue reading Pop Smoke – Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon

G-Eazy – Everything’s Strange Here

Nope. Not in the mood to listen to this one again. Thousands upon thousands of streams on Spotify. For this album. It's 35 minutes but it feels so much longer. I mean, like, FIRST of all, which insane label executive gave the OK for G-Eazy to make an entire album where he sings in that … Continue reading G-Eazy – Everything’s Strange Here

Bruno Major – To Let A Good Thing Die

Soulful UK singer-songwriter Bruno Major’s sophomore effort is here after continuing to expand his fanbase exponentially with his old-school sound. To Let A Good Thing Die is a brief ten tracks of passionate, lovelorn vocal delivery and lyricism over an intentionally fuzzy and stripped back vintage sound palate. It often makes Major sound like he’s … Continue reading Bruno Major – To Let A Good Thing Die