Imagine Dragons – Mercury – Act 1

For a while, it seemed like Imagine Dragons was the only truly commercially viable “rock” act left around. As we see a resurgence of guitar-based music in the mainstream, you’d think that a band that has been so misguided for so many album cycles might be feeling a little inspired and make some of their … Continue reading Imagine Dragons – Mercury – Act 1

Rapid Fire Reviews (Takeoff, Imagine Dragons, Muse)

Takeoff - The Last Rocket The second of three solo albums from the members of ultra-popular rap trio Migos, Takeoff’s project is thankfully shorter than most of the rap odysseys his label drops all too often and is easily more enjoyable than the preceding album from Quavo. Takeoff is perhaps the Migo with the most … Continue reading Rapid Fire Reviews (Takeoff, Imagine Dragons, Muse)