6ix9ine – TattleTales

Well, here we are again. For a while, it looked like we might never be getting another album out of Instagram personality and attention magnet 6ix9ine. Whittling a 47-year prison sentence down to just two after extensive cooperation that spawned memes on memes and getting released early due to COVID fears, how could the return … Continue reading 6ix9ine – TattleTales

Rapid Fire Reviews (6ix9ine, MGMT, Nipsey Hussle)

Bensbeat is back for the summer and I'll be catching back up to the present with a lot of these quicker posts. 6ix9ine - Day69 Controversial Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine delivers a debut project infused with the unique scream-rap energy he brought to the singles that made him famous, but it lacks the lyrical content and … Continue reading Rapid Fire Reviews (6ix9ine, MGMT, Nipsey Hussle)