Quinn XCII – Change of Scenery II

Apparently completely dialled into making music and the creative process while riding out the COVID-19 storm, Detroit singer-songwriter Quinn XCII delivers his second pandemic album and is currently on pace to land his biggest first-week debut yet. As evidenced by the album’s title, a sequel to a 2015 EP, XCII relocated to his main producer’s … Continue reading Quinn XCII – Change of Scenery II

Lennon Stella – Three. Two. One.

Former child star on ABC’s Nashville and rising Canadian pop star Lennon Stella’s debut album is a cohesive and compact showcase of Stella’s emotive voice on some low-key and folksy pop tracks. Coming from her roots in country music, Stella takes more a singer-songwriter approach to most of these tracks, primarily focusing on delivering some … Continue reading Lennon Stella – Three. Two. One.