After quite a few drama-filled years where it looked like the end was coming soon, it finally looks like alternative rap collective BROCKHAMPTON is done for good this time. Announcing a final album at what was dubbed their last show at Coachella 2022, something a little bit different happened – proving once again that you … Continue reading BROCKHAMPTON – The Family / TM

Flume – Palaces

Influential Australian electronic producer and future bass pioneer Flume has been out of the spotlight since dropping his excellent experimental mixtape Hi This Is Flume back in 2019 at the height of SOPHIE’s fame. Now back with a project apparently inspired by the work of the late legend, Palaces finds Flume once again simply messing … Continue reading Flume – Palaces

Arca – KICK ii

Avant-garde Venezuelan electropop artist Arca has been one of music’s most boundlessly forward-thinking personalities for years now, and she continued to surprise this past week when she announced that her long-anticipated KICK ii album, a sequel to last year’s excellent KiCk I that jumpstarted the series, was actually going to be four albums, released one … Continue reading Arca – KICK ii