Future – High Off Life

It’s been pretty annoying lately to be witnessing just how much hip-hop music is stuck in a rut creatively, and quite a bit of that can be attributed to young artists trying to ride on the coattails of musical styles popularized by veterans of the game like Future. The man drops a lot of music, … Continue reading Future – High Off Life

Rapid Fire Reviews (The 1975, Meek Mill, Rita Ora)

The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships British pop-rock band The 1975’s third studio album is easily their most experimental and ambitious, diverting from the typical straightforward guitar-driven anthems to a diverse and discordant array of genres with central themes of attacking the political landscape and our dedication to social media and technology. … Continue reading Rapid Fire Reviews (The 1975, Meek Mill, Rita Ora)