TWICE – Formula of Love: O+T=<3

While everyone this side of the Atlantic held off on their release to avoid competition with Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars, nine-member K-pop girl group TWICE continued widely outpacing many of their peers when it comes to the sheer volume of music released and dropped their third album in just over a year. While I’ve … Continue reading TWICE – Formula of Love: O+T=<3


Rapid Fire Reviews (Rap Collabs, Kelly Clarkson)

Future/Young Thug - SUPER SLIMEY On this collaborative project, two of Atlanta’s most genre-defining rappers come together to continue to assert their dominance over some good old-fashioned trap beats. Future’s straightforward approach and Young Thug’s quirky eccentricities are an interesting contrast that frequently sinks or swims as a result of the instrumental. Thug works well … Continue reading Rapid Fire Reviews (Rap Collabs, Kelly Clarkson)