Justin Bieber – Justice

Well, here we are again. After a five-year-break away from the public eye in the wake of his album Purpose, which got just about everyone to throw their biases aside, dance wildly, and wonder if they had judged the man they call Bugatti Biebs too harshly, the iconic pop sensation returns with his second album … Continue reading Justin Bieber – Justice


John Legend – Darkness and Light

R&B/Soul singer John Legend's fifth studio album is significantly stripped down from his previous efforts, choosing to focus more on his impressive voice as he sings about some rather heavy concepts. Featuring some interesting and unexpected collaborations, the album of slowed down and introspective ballads has some very high points, showing off Legend's musical ability … Continue reading John Legend – Darkness and Light

Francis & The Lights – Farewell, Starlite!

Francis Starlite might just be becoming one of the most high-profile indie artists in the world. After having a major role on Chance the Rapper's Coloring Book and having praised heaped upon him by not only Chance, but his mentor Kanye West, expectations for this debut studio album were understandably high. Francis and the Lights is … Continue reading Francis & The Lights – Farewell, Starlite!