Polo G – Hall of Fame

Chicago rapper Polo G’s latest project, Hall of Fame, seems aptly titled – after his single “RAPSTAR” scored a number one debut earlier in the year and stream counts continue to rise into the hundreds of millions, it feels like a project meant to fully establish himself as one of current hip-hop’s biggest stars. The album … Continue reading Polo G – Hall of Fame

Rapid Fire Reviews (Logic, Lil Yachty, XXXTENTACION)

Logic - Bobby Tarantino II The newly minted king of woke rap enters another instalment into his less formal series of mixtapes after breaking through to the public in a major way with his latest album Everybody. While Logic does show both a hilarious level of self-awareness at how annoying his preachiness can be and … Continue reading Rapid Fire Reviews (Logic, Lil Yachty, XXXTENTACION)