This blog is run by Ben Boddez, an English Honours student at the University of British Columbia with a lifelong passion for music. I desired to bring my unique style of writing to the world by creating this blog, and continue honing my craft in the summer holiday before I return to my studies.

Music has always been a major part of my life, as I developed an interest in it at a younger age than most and continued to express myself musically through various choirs, bands and musical theatre. My musical palette is extremely diverse, as I believe that there are aspects which can be appreciated to be found in every genre of music and the reviews I post here will aim to reflect this wide array of sounds I strive to discover.

My desire to review music at such an in-depth and analytical level is inspired by the work of websites like Pitchfork and content creators such as Anthony Fantano, who delve into every possible nuance of the music they review as I have. Since there are times that I disagree with their scores, creating this blog opened the door for me to express my strong opinions on the state of current music, while presenting my writing skills to the world through an area I am very interested in.