G-Eazy – Everything’s Strange Here

G-Eazy: Everything's Strange Here Album Review | PitchforkNope.

Not in the mood to listen to this one again. Thousands upon thousands of streams on Spotify. For this album. It’s 35 minutes but it feels so much longer. I mean, like, FIRST of all, which insane label executive gave the OK for G-Eazy to make an entire album where he sings in that weak, wavering falsetto? He can’t stay on pitch so they figured they’d just absolutely SMOTHER him in echoes and reverb so that on the one occasion there’s a solid melody here (It’s on the track “Stan By Me”) you can barely even make it out. Of course, he does see fit to rap on the final track of the project, which is entirely about how his ex, Halsey, who, let me remind you, he cheated on, is “crazy” and how much he disapproved of her going public and “sending shots” at him. The song is called “Had Enough,” and believe me, I had. Ridiculous subject matter aside, I never thought I would be RELIEVED to hear G-Eazy rap, but after all the awful vocal performances that precede it, my ears welcomed it. It fades out on him singing Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain,” because G-Eazy really thinks he’s clever. That’s why on these other tracks you’ll find him in an overly self-serious doom and gloom mood as he whines about how “life is suffering” and begs for people to feel sorry for him for being one of the world’s most abundantly obnoxious and unlikable celebrity presences and justifiably receiving hate for it. These tracks all aim for being wordy and deep, but most of the messages are just as thin as when he was rapping about parties and drugs. G-Eazy evidently saw fit to simply hop on the bandwagon of the emo-folk influence that quite a few popular rappers have been riding now, but even someone who went laughably far out of his way to be edgy like XXXTENTACION had so much more believable emotion. This rant is too long, and I’ve already given G-Eazy too much of my attention.


Favourite Tracks: Stan By Me, that’s about it

Least Favourite Track: Every Night Of The Year good LORD could he be any more melodramatic

Score: 1/10


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