Zara Larsson – So Good

19-year old Swedish pop artist Zara Larsson enters the global public consciousness in a major way with her sophomore album So Good, in the wake of numerous international successes and her first US hit "Never Forget You". Accompanied by a massive team of some of the best pop writers and producers both local and international, the … Continue reading Zara Larsson – So Good


Charli XCX – Number 1 Angel

Burgeoning pop superstar turned experimental indie-pop darling Charli XCX continues the wave of alternative and quirky beats and melodies kickstarted by last year's Vroom Vroom EP. Working once again with the talented producers at PC Music, she begins to swing back in the direction of commercial viability, finding a happy medium between the two styles released … Continue reading Charli XCX – Number 1 Angel

Little Big Town – The Breaker

Now deep into their careers, harmonious country quartet Little Big Town recruit some of their genre's best songwriters and right the wrongs of their Pharrell Williams-assisted bubblegum pop misfire of 2016, Wanderlust. While there may not be anything on the project that stands out quite like their Grammy-nominated ballad "Girl Crush", there is more than enough … Continue reading Little Big Town – The Breaker